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It's me
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Monday, September 3, 2012

My Journal for Go Go Maw Maws
Today is Sept. 3, Labor Day 2012. I went bike riding with Leannda Moore and Ronda Amos, Chris Amos, Kimberly Amos and Michelle Lacerda.
The Go Go Maw Maws are a group of ladies(well, two right now)that are training for a cross country bike ride in hopes of raising $50,000 for the Go Go Grandmothers in Malawi, Africa. The grandmothers are raising children that have lost parents to either HIV/AIDS or some other disease and these women are well into their senior years. No, I’m talking SENIOR years, I’m a teen senior compared to some of these precious women.
So, because they have inspired me so much with their dedication and determination that I said, “I want to do this too”! However I know that there is a lot of training that goes into this and you must have the right bike and equipment that goes with it.
Since these ladies started bike riding they have lost many, many inches, sizes and pounds, without changing their eating habits much. This I like J.  My doctor informed me I need to lose weight and I need to change my eating habits and since that alone will not help the cholesterol that is already built up on my arteries, I have to take cholesterol medicine and I take blood pressure medicine. BUT, I will NOT let this stop me! I spent 4 months in Brazil, I can do this!!!
I arrived at the Amos household and they were all out there filling tires with air, determining which bike would be good for me, a first I looked at the sizes of these bikes with fear and trepidation. Ronda talked to me and eased my fears. They helped me on the bike and I rode around the driveway a few times and then, I was ready, or so I thought, I mean how bad or hard can a 9 mile ride be? You have NO idea.
Let me just say I was not well prepared, those ladies were if you see the pictures they took you know these ladies know what they are doing! Helmets on their heads, saddle packs on their bikes, along with mirrors, horns, water attached to the bike, well you get the picture. No worries they had it all for me too!  Off we go!
About a mile down the road, stop,”are we there yet”? Haha, “almost, one yells out” you know there lying to me,,, Stepping off the bike my legs felt like jello, but I got back on and off we go again.
Ok, I won’t go through the whole painful process but suffice it to say, I was hot, I drank a lot of water, we stopped about 4 times and then finally made it back to the Amos’s homestead. I was never so happy to see a home then I was that very moment! BUT, I DID IT!!
The ladies were proud of me, heck, I was proud of me and we made a date to do it again!!
Happy Biking till the next time,,,,,,

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