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It's me
The Bedouin Woman

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Normally this would not be a topic I would find myself writing about. I had enough issues with being a proper mother and sometimes, well most of the time I was the father figure as well.
Coming from a family whose father was mostly never-present, instead of ever-present. I simply can’t relate to people who have had a normal father-daughter relationship. Then of course I met my “real” Father, the one constant in my life and that is my Father God. He never leaves me or forsakes me, He is there for me when no other can be. He is true to His word and someone I can always depend on. Psalm 9:12, 4:1,6:9, 91:1-2, 103:12.
I didn’t want to write about my relationship with my father, but I did want to talk about Father’s in general. Since today is Father’s Day, I was thinking about men and their children and then I thought I know I can write about my sons all 5 of them are Dads.
My oldest son, I know he always wanted to be a dad, he wanted to have a wife and a family, he wanted normalcy. Something which he didn’t have a lot of growing up. Being the oldest of 6 he had a lot of responsibility. I gave him a lot and little did I know during a period of time while I was in nursing school, his father gave him more than his share.
You know (and I know there are many mothers who will be reading this note), that we try to say we don’t have favorites and that is mostly true but there are some who tug at our heartstrings in very different ways. The oldest in the family whether a boy or a girl has a special place in our hearts no matter how old they get. He didn’t have a dad he could depend on, he was never the “manly” boy, he didn’t care about working on cars, hunting or fixing things. Instead he liked movies and reading, he loved people and being with friends. A lot of times he got blamed for things that wasn’t his fault, his father and him never really “bonded”.
My son wanted “normal” he wanted a family he could lather with love, he had a lot of love in his heart, but his dad just wouldn’t let him give it to him and so, he never received the kind of love and attention a boy should from his dad. He was going to change all that when he had a family and change it he did. He now has 2 boys and a girl, the last child just graduating from high school. He was a very proud dad and he adored(s)his kids so much so maybe sometimes he overgave. He was always there for his kids, he showed love in many ways. He took them places, he went to their games, he was willing to have his kids try many different sports until they found one they enjoyed and were good at. Sometimes at the expense of his sanity he gave and gave and gave. He is a single dad, having custody of his kids when the oldest was about 5, (and having a son with special needs). An unusual thing yes, but he did the job like no woman I know. He gave up things so these kids could have a life. He also educated himself while his kids were getting an education. He started out as a CNA at 15, an LPN at 18, a Nursing Home Administrator at 24, Regional Director at 30. RN at 35, BSN at 40 and finally Masters Degree at 45 and now working on Doctorate. Am I proud of this child? You better believe I am! He has done above and beyond any expectations I ever had of him~
So, today I want to take the time to say “I’m proud of my sons and their children”. I’m proud of how they parented, I’m proud of the way they love their children. And sons don’t think I’m excluding you in this note, who knows, I might write about you next year. There is just not enough space or time to write every detail about you. How dear you are to me and how much I love your children. I just felt I needed to recognize my firstborn for his accomplishments the bible says there are special blessings for the first born and I know there are many blessings in store for this one!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Bedouin Woman, a new adventure

I named my blog The Bedouin Woman for a reason. If you have ever read it you would know the Bedouins were travelers, nomads, wanderers, and not in a bad way. That is just how they traveled. And this is my story. My newest adventure, not my life story, let’s not get the two confused.

Several years ago my son-in-law Tim, some of you know him fondly as PT, on one of my frequent visits to NJ, shocked me with a question. “When are you moving to NJ?” Huh? Where did that come from? Like I was pondering moving to NJ when I lived in Paradise(Florida). Like I wanted to come to the snow and ice and rain and my 5 grandchildren and my daughter whom I only got to see about 2-3 times a year. Hum, he did plant a seed of thought……

February 11, 2009, bags packed, car packed, truck packed and my son Douglas who so graciously said he would drive with me, took off for Vineland, NJ. Now mind you it was about 2 and a half years after that question was asked before I decided after much prayer and talking with family and my daughter and my son-in-law Tim, that the move actually took place.

I had visited Vineland, NJ many times in the 4 years that the Dzindzio’s lived here. I had visited Chestnut Assembly of God many times as well. Had met many people that attended that church, but never really kept the names of those I had met in my mind, until the next time I visited. As time went on I put faces with names and became familiar with people, for instance Lillian and Paul Baker, I had no idea they were a couple until I was here living for about 2 months. Thinking about it now, Paul is one of our greeters and Lillian is not so of course I met Paul before I met Lillian. My daughter always tried to clue me in on couples but Lillian and Paul as a couple just didn’t register until I met them together!

So, things like this were some of the interesting aspects of when I actually moved here. Keeping faces with names was a bit hard for me because there were so many. Chestnut is a BIG friendly, loving assembly of great people(I can’t tell you how much I will miss each and every one of you)!

Becoming involved in ministry didn’t take me long. I knew when I moved here it was a move from God. I felt peace and happiness here, at home and in church. Sunday School was something I wanted to attend and did attend in Florida but if I missed a class I didn’t feel bad about it, unlike here I think the only classes I missed was when I visited Florida. I love my Sunday School classes. I met a great group of people that know how to delve into the depths of the bible and grasp the things God has for us all. My Sunday School class, and I will name them all here because they all mean so much to me! Caroline and Sam, Thomi, Dale, Dianne, Alyce, Chris, Betty, Refes and Betty, Joanne and new comers Jim and Tony. The grand poopa’s of the group, the leaders and therefore deserve special recognition are Steve and Charles. You guys are the bomb of Sunday School, between the side bars(Charles) and the gatherings, party’s and social activities(Steve)you ROCK!!! Thank you all for making my Sunday School experience memorable, Spiritual and amazing. I can’t make my focus on Sunday School strictly social I need to say that the learning experience and the insights brought by each and every member of the class was something I will never forget. Our leaders were knowledgeable and insightful into the Scriptures we had a lot of very interesting debates.

Right from the beginning I felt like a part of Chestnut Assembly and I felt I fit in. In no time I was involved in a woman’s bible study, Kingdom Woman at Tiffany Corson’s home the facilitator was Dr. Mary Ann DiOrio. Then I facilitated a bible study at my home Women of the Bible. It was a very busy and spiritually fulfilling time. Six women who attended the Kingdom Women bible study continued on when Mary Ann moved to another area, we continued with Captivating series with Lillian Baker facilitating and me assisting her. Iris, Tiffany, Alyce, Elaine, Shannon, Lillian and myself, made up the group. Shannon became pregnant with her first child and we called her our Kingdom baby, Ivianna was born a few months before our class came to an end, that was a bitter sweet moment(the class ending, not the birth of our Ivianna!) as well, but we managed to gather ourselves together for a Tea, with sandwiches and chocolate!! Chocolate was always a staple at our women’s studies.

The above captioning is just a small look into my life here in Vineland, NJ and at Chestnut Assembly of God. I could say so much more about all the relationships developed during my time here but you all who have been a part of my life know exactly who you are. The groups who went to the Tabernacle, the trips to Amish country, Sight and Sound, the lunches, the dinners, Tim Hawkins show, so on and so forth. I think I have lived 2 lifetimes in the 16 months that I’ve lived here.

I knew right from the beginning that living with a family that has a heart for ministry, a move is inevitable. When God moves, you move. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Yes, I did think about staying on here in Vineland, in fact I looked at senior housing but it just wasn’t in God’s plan, I realized that after I started praying for God’s will in my life. Things didn’t work out for the senior housing either. I came here to be with my family, why would I want them to move on without me? As much as I love you all, I need to be with my family.

That being said, I’m on to my next new adventure. Yes, that is exactly what I consider it an adventure. God never ceases to amaze me with what He gives us to do and He provides the desire to do it. I have always loved road trips, he has put that adventurous spirit within me and I am glad He did! When living in Florida we took many road trips, mostly to North Carolina where I have a son and his family living. It was always a great time visiting him and I traveled with another son and his family and my grandson would video tape the trip to and from and then put it together with music, what a funny video that turned out to be. Another time we all took a trip to Tennessee for a family reunion with 5 dogs,11 adults and 15 children, yes that was the greatest adventure of all!

Just to throw this in, most of you know I am an LPN, so getting my license in different states takes patience and money. I’m licensed in NY, MA, FL, NC and NJ, now I’m thinking, do I really want to go through all that hassle getting another license? Yes, I guess I do, if I want to eat, the bible says if one doesn’t work one doesn’t eat!!

My friends and I call you that because that is exactly what you all are, my dear, dear friends, my heart aches as I write this blog. I write it because I wanted each and every one of you to know how much you have impacted my life. I will never, ever forget you and what you have brought into my life.

I will not say “good-bye”, because it’s too permanent and I know that I will be seeing you again as you visit us in LA and we visit you here in NJ, so to you I say, so-long until we meet again.

Your “forever” friend,


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who Can Fool God?

I was reminded today as I read the book of Joshua what an incredible story that was. Not only the battle of Jericho but also the battle of AI. Oh, no, I'm not finished with this book yet, I will be taking my time because as I read, slowly, God reveals things to me that I hadn't thought of before.

Who can fool God? We try though don't we? We do things in secret, behind closed doors that we think, who will see us? God will that's who! Ever take something from work thinking, "well, they don't pay me enough anyway", so why not take a handfull of paper clips or pens how about some gloves for when we clean house? I was guilty of that one, being a nurse and since the hospital supplied the nursing staff and housekeeping staff with unlimited supply of gloves, why not take a few home, that will save me some money at the store. That was stealing and I was guilty of stealing and I was committing a sin against God. Seems to me that "Though Shalt Not Steal" is one of our commandments. Exodus 20:15 says "You shall not steal".

He saw me take those gloves and at the time I had no conviction about it, however as I renewed my love for God and His ways, I did feel conviction about it and have since repented for that sin. I turned away from the sin of stealing and now I think about it when I'm about to take something that isn't mine. I don't do it!

In the story of Achan, son of Camri, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zerah from the tribe of Judah had taken plunder from the riches of Caanan. Something that was forbidden by God. But he was so taken by the beauty of the robe and the gold and silver, lust got the better of him and he took it! It was strictly forbidden and his whole family had to suffer for it. It is an interesting story Joshua Chapters 6 and 7.

Joshua 7:24-26
Then Joshua and all of Israel, took Achan son of Zerah, the silver, the robe, the gold wedge, his sons and daughters, his cattle, donkeys and sheep, his tent and all he had, to the Valley of Achor. Joshua said, "Why have you brought this trouble on us? The Lord will bring trouble on you today."
Then all Israel stoned him, and after they had stoned the rest, they burned them. Over Achan they heaped up a large pile of rocks, which remains to this day. then the Lord turned from His fierce anger. Therefore that place has been called the Valley of Achor ever since.

God means business, He meant business in Joshua's day and He means business today.