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It's me
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jesus was not a Rolling Stone but He was a radical. More radical than any of us are or ever will be. How do I know that, you say? You weren’t there in His day, you say. No, I wasn’t however I have His words in a book called the Bible that say as much. Let’s read some of it together than you decide, if He was a radical or not.
First let’s look at Jesus Cousin John the Baptist, now that man was a radical and he came a few months before Jesus made His appearance on the earth. John the Baptist was sent to prepare the world for Jesus. Most people thought John was a wild man. He probably was a little crazy but in a good way. John prepared the way for Jesus, I guess if the world saw John first they wouldn’t think Jesus so radical.
I’m not sure if the cleansing of the temple was the first radical thing that Jesus did or not but it was pretty intense John 2:13-16. So how do you think He feels when He sees His people playing bingo in the churches today? J/S
What about His witnessing to the Woman at the Well? Samaritans and Jews were not even suppose to speak to each other but yet Jesus sat down at the well and actually asked this woman for a drink of water and proceeded to tell her about the Living Water He had, that was pretty radical. John 4:6-26
The woman who was being stoned because she was caught in the very act of adultery, what a lot of oomph to go there and stop those people from hurling stones at this woman, but He did it and therefore she was saved. John 8:1-7
You’re most likely wondering why I’m writing about being radical. I read a book by Francis Chan called Crazy Love and it’s mostly about the love Christ has for us. I also read another book (author escapes me) called Radical and in that book is how we, as Christians should live and be. Man, we are so far from it, it scares me. When I prepared to go to Brazil these books were recommended (strongly) to read prior to departure. A lot of it escapes me right now but some of it will be with me until I die.
What does living radically for Christ sake really mean and is this what He wants for us? I will only speak in relation to myself from here on because if you have a strong relationship (not about religion) with Christ then you will also hear Him speak to you and it may be totally different than how He speaks to me. I’m just giving you my perspective.
Many years ago I would worry about money, did I make enough, can I make more, can I buy this or that, can I pay my bills and still have some left for vacations or entertainment? This was only part of what I worried about. We all know that if we worry we are not trusting God Matthew 6:25, trusting in Him is what it is all about Pro.3:5. Is it easy to trust, no, is it easy to worry, yes, because we were naturally brought up to worry, or at least I was. My mother was a worrier, my brothers were worriers, and so as a young person, it was in my nature to be a worrier too.
Once I gave my heart and soul to God, the first two things He took away from me was my dirty mouth and my need to worry, these two things came very easy for me (God) to overcome, not on my own strength but His.
As we grow in God and let me interject here for a minute. Growing means learning about God, how do we learn about someone? We spend time with them. You would not know a whole lot about your husband if every day he left in the morning and came back after you were asleep and did this on a daily basis, it would be impossible to get to know him. That is how we learn about God, spending time with Him in His word and in His presence. I doubt very much if you can know God any other way. Some people think they know God because they can quote a few scriptures but ask them how much time they spend in His word everyday and they can’t tell you the last time they picked up a bible or a spiritual book, fiction or non-fiction.
Folks, I have said this before, “as for me and my household we shall serve the Lord,” Joshua 24:15, this means (to me) no trashy books, magazines or other secular reading materials. We don’t watch any other news channel (when we watch news) but Fox News because they are more conservative than any other news channel such as CNN, NBS, CNBC, or CBS. You watch these news channels you are not getting the whole truth.
If you think everything is ok in Washington, then you have been sadly deceived. AFR, American Family Radio 89.9, has the truth like you have never heard and it’s pretty scarey. Google The Muslim Brotherhood in America and see what you get but trust me you won’t like what you see and hear. Sharia Law is being practiced right here in the USA, in the state of Michigan. The Muslims want to infiltrate the USA and take over. They are already in the White House, don’t believe me, look it up. And they are not the nice Muslims either. Most of them are from the brotherhood. Hilary Clintons own White House aide, Huma Abedin, comes from a long line of Muslim Brotherhood family. Former assistant US attorney, Andrew McCarthy has dug deep and connected the dots surrounding Huma Abedin and has shown how deeply embedded in Muslim Brotherhood the Abedin family really is.
Abedin’s family, McCarthy reveals, has worked for the Institute and other MB-related organizations, thereby being intimately connected with Naseef at the centre of the Saudi-MB-al-Qaida nexus.
OK, I think I kind of got off the beaten path, but maybe this is the way I was suppose to go because I sincerely believe God was us educated in all of the above so we know what we are up against. Brothers and sisters we are coming into some serious stuff and we need to be educated and prayed up so we can fight the good fight. I don’t know, maybe y’all know about this stuff, but I didn’t until I started listening to these people who are educated in this and relay their information to us so we can relay to others.
Dan Celia, he’s the financial guy he is on AFR Mon-Sat, Mon.-Fri. 8-10 am, Sat. 10-12. Sandy Rios, Mon-Fri 7-8, she really gets fired up about the MB and she will fire you up too. Crane Durham, Nothing But Truth, Mon-Fri 4-6 pm.
Next blog, more about being radical for Christ!

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