It's me

It's me
The Bedouin Woman

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kids, they say the darndest things!!!

Ok, I thought I would take a day to inject humor into our lives, which God loves us to laugh and have fun so here is what happened today, an otherwise uneventful Saturday afternoon.

Christina and I went out for some Christmas shopping and while out we stopped and had some lunch. Went to K-Mart to put some stuff on lay-a-way(K-Mart is the only store to do this)and while there we picked up some cat litter. I mention the cat litter because we, as a family, do some cat sitting at a neighbors home. So, on our way to our chore, we had to go back home to get the key and while home we decide to take Julia Rose to go with us, she loves the cats(2).

To our neighbors house we go and as we are feeding the kitties and changing litter, Julia is asking us" do cats play with mice? Mommy, do cats like mice?, gramma do cats kill mice?" all this time we are answering her we are not paying much attention until I look up to see what I thought was a "play" mouse and here she stands with a poor little dead field mouse in her hand! I screamed, not because of the dead mouse, which I didn't really realize that is what it was until I looked closer, but because of the nastiness of it! We made her wash her hands real good and congratulated the cats for being so diligent at their job!

On the way home Julia was asking mom if she could, in fact, have a kitty, mom said no and continued on with our "adult" conversation, again, Julia said "mommie please let's get a kitty, why can't we have a kitty"? The my daughter told her that her daddy get's sick with cats in the house(allergies)Julia's reply to that statement was "Then we'll get another daddy"! At that statement I almost drove into the side of the house and my daughter nearly fell out the car door(by this time we were pulling into the driveway.

Wasn't it the late Art Linkletter who always said "kids say the darndest things", man they sure do!