It's me

It's me
The Bedouin Woman

Monday, July 25, 2011

We are going to Brazil!

We are going to Brazil!

Yes, we are going to Brazil. Well, you say, wasn’t that the plan for the beginning? It sure was but without a plane ticket, we ain’t goin nowhere!

The situation was that our money was tied up, we have supporters that request a tax break(and rightly so)that meant that we had to send any checks we get to San Angelo to be processed and they mail them on to us. In the meantime, good ticket prices come and go, but mostly there weren’t any really great priced tickets. But God knows and I felt the need to talk to a real person at American Airlines. I called and began the process with a very nice gentleman who hooked us up to a great price only problem being we have to fly out 9 days later than we originally had planned. We reserved the tickets.

When I alerted my director and told him of our plight, he was more than cordial and said we would miss orientation and that Brazil was not like Americans, in that, Americans are fast paced and hurry, hurry. He said we would find Brazil quite the opposite. We needed to have lots of patience. I think God was already working that into us, and for good reason.

I came up with a plan, or I should say my daughter came up with the idea to be “skyped” into the orientation, wow, what a great idea, why didn’t I think of that?

Now when I think of an orientation, as I’m sure you do, you think of the first day of a new job or the first day of a class, where you get there and have a ton of papers to fill out, meet your new co-workers and have an hour lunch break. Not so with this orientation, as I found out and PR probably had a great chuckle over that request. When I suggested this idea to him he promptly said that the first 2 weeks of this orientation would be “out in the streets” of Brazil, getting a feel of the place, where we will be working, meeting our “team” and getting our living arrangements set. Not your typical orientation.

So, we will miss a lot of the crucial first days, but God knows and He sees everything and I hope our “team” is sweet and happy to have us and can speak some English and will help us get our bearings, which I’m sure they will be.

Last week I had lunch with a sweet lady and she was so kind as to purchase a Portuguese Living Language dictionary, CD’s and a book to follow along with the CD’s for Pauline and I. We listen to it daily and while driving in the car and we are having a lot of fun learning this difficult language.

PR, also told us that the internet in Brazil is hit and miss, so hopefully on the days I can write my blog it’s hit! I will try to keep this blog up so all our friends and family can follow this amazing journey God has us on! Boa noite e Deus benzer,,,(Good night and God bless)

Friday, July 22, 2011

God's Provision

How do I begin to share this amazing journey that God has put us on? When You think of the amount of money it takes to go on a mission trip 1700 miles from home you can get really nervous about the funding, unless of course you are dependent on a God that owns everything. Unless you have been given the clear direction from this amazing God
we serve, to serve Him in Brazil.

We were never really concerned about finances because what God calls for He pays for. Now someone might say, well how does He pay for it? To them I say through people His people and sometimes just people in general.

Before I even began this journey, I received a nice sum of money for a birthday gift, thinking this is the down payment for my far in the future trip ti Italy(something I have been wanting to do for many years)but not so, right after this gift arrived I got the heavenly notice that Brazil was where I was going and not for a vacation but for the greater good of the Kingdom of heaven!

I could write and write about how God has been supplying for both myself and Pauline but I will suffice it to say He has been providing in so many ways that have both amazed us, surprised us and down right brought us to tears and to our knees.
When we least expected it, from people we never expected it from, to people we haven't spoke to or communicated with in a year, He spoke to them and they blessed us and said "it is a privilege that you are allowing us to sow into the kingdom of God through you, so thank you for including us", to them I say NO, thank you for believing that God would use us to do His work!

Until next time, we remain, in His service forward to Brazil!!