It's me

It's me
The Bedouin Woman

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time to start blogging again!!

Tonight I realized the Bedouin Women hasn't had much to say lately. Well, she has had a lot to say just hasn't had time to blog about it. So, I turned off the TV and began to reread some of my journal notes from the past few months. I think my last blog was that of my trip to Broussard, Louisiana, my new home. I believe I told about my new temporary home in one of the church's cabins. Usually reserved for visiting ministry, but was graciously offered to me for a temporary home until a more permanent one could be found. Which found it was, but I will save that story for the next blog

I have found living in Louisiana to be quite pleasant, except for one thing BUGS, big bugs. Apparently here in this part of the "deep south" they have large and I do mean large water bugs, which we from the not so deep south call cockroachesSo, one night as I sat watching some TV program, out of the corner of my eye I saw something scurry across the floor. Why the nerve of that creature to invade my privacy and not even being invited in. I quickly looked under the sink to come up with some sort of pesticide and found only Windex so I drowned the thing in Windex, then I promptly called my daughter to come up and pick it up for me as I wanted no part of it! Thank God she lives just down the hill from me and came right up to rescue her mom, what a great woman of God she is and brave too!

Thinking that this was a one time deal, I settled back in to normal living and low and behold I was invaded just a few days later not once not twice but three times in one night AND one had the nerve to come dropping down on my head in the middle of the night! I seriously thought this was "of the devil", so I got some bug bombs and pleaded the blood of Jesus the next day and since then, no more invasions of the BUGS.

Since I blogged, I have acquired a job and am still working on getting my LA nursing license, which is by any means an easy feat.
The job I have is cooking for Experience 3 D, formally known as Masters Commission 3D. The last time they had a cook for the young people was about 3 years ago. The last few years they issued cards and the kids bought their own food and was able to use the kitchen facilities. Ramon Noodles seemed to be a staple, mostly for the guys, the girls used their cards a little more wisely.
It is a very rewarding position as the kids love to eat and I'm trying very hard to provide about 60% healthy food. It is a part-time position and the director has made sure I get to go to the bible study that is offered right here on campus on Thursdays. I like that! I had to take a test in order to drive the van as I do the shopping as well. That was an experience as I have never purchased so much food in my life!! We feed on average 20-25 kids and staff. The first week was a little scary but as usual I projected more into it than what actually happened. Now going on my 5th week, I love it, it gives me purpose and I've made a lot of great relationships, kids love the hand that feeds themand I love them too!

Our church and the pastors are phenomenal, every week the services and worship are uplifting and the messages are always right on to what is happening in our world. The people are loving and truly this is a family unit.

Enough for now, I must get to bed as Josh McDowell and his son Sean are here for all services this weekend. Josh was at our campus tonight, Broussard, and tomorrow Sean will conduct the service, I can't wait, tonight Josh talked about the diety of Jesus and how you can talk about God and no one gets upset but as soon as you mention Jesus a decision needs to be made. He talked about the trial of Jesus and how most often people are on trial for what they have done but Jesus was on trial for who He was. It was more in depth but that is all I am saying for now.

Until next time, remember "Build your life on the "Rock".