It's me

It's me
The Bedouin Woman

Monday, January 4, 2010

Two thousand ten or twenty ten?

2010, who woulda thought? When I was a kid did I look forward to this year of tweenty ten or two thousand ten? I think not, I was always just looking toward the next year, I think.

2010, the year of new beginnings, we always say that don't we? We start out by saying we are NOT going to be getting caught up in the same bad habits we had the previous year, like eating too much, not exercising enough, so on and so forth. But so what if we do make some promises to ouselves and others to try to do better this year? What's the matter with that, it's good to try and better ourselvers isn't it. I want to do beter this year, I surely want to eat more healthy and try to excersise but I won't beat myself up on a daily basis it this doesn't happen(although my doctor probably will).

2010, the year of double portions. Why do I say that? Let's look at the year 2010. The first part is 20 isn't that 10 doubled? Aha, good thought huh? I came up with that all by myself!!! God wants to give us double portions. Look at Elisha how he followed after Elijah just to get a double portion of his blessing, and he did! By going where Elijah went, not leaving Elijah's side for a minute, he was in that place where the blessing followed him. That's what I want, I want to follow God wherever He leads me, wherever He wants me to go and not leaving His side for a minute, lest I lose the double blessing He has for me.

2010, be expecting a double portion, it's out there for you too!

God bless you and keep looking up!